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Gameschooling is the use of games (video games, board games, and other games) for an educational purpose. While anyone in school or out of school can "gameschool", the term is often applied to homeschoolers who use games as part of their educational plan.

Gameschooling can take place in many contexts:

Gameschooling games don't have to be "educational." Many popular entertainment games (Minecraft, Civilization, etc.) were not designed as learning games, but nonetheless can be highly educational.

This site provides resources on gameschooling for educators, researchers, community organizations, parents and students - and anyone else who is interested in using games for learning.

The site author is both a homeschooling parent and a professor teaching game development to college students. When researching material on homeschooling and games, I found that few websites existed on this topic, and decided to create a site to help other researchers and parents interested in gameschooling.